Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My Altered Ego

I live,in a dream,


Constructed avatar;

Of conglomerate will.

My answers to self,

They rot on a shelf.

Apathetic constraints

Chewing on a servile mind

West is the sun,

North is the moon.

Since time begun-

Magnetized the tune.

We seek,

Not to find,

The truth, undefined.

And I am raped by


A cost that still vexes me.

A remote controlled heart,

Frozen stone.

Futilely attempt,

to atone.

Watch with glazed eyes, while casting votes.



once demotes.

Force fed impression

As,"Your views."

While the barbs of ,"news,"

Hook your eyes.

Your soul for sale with no disguise.

Succumb to the pulse

Of the mechanised mind;

Or exile's your refrain.

Nod,blink and regain-

Nothing but a vacuum brain.

Fuck and breed,

Corrupt your seed!

Vultures crack your bones.

Truth's undertones,

Whisper dissent;

Dying, impotent.

Eighty years,


To the dream you were denied